• We will do a temperature check at the door for all dancers and family members entering the studio 

  • Masks are requested in the lobby for all persons age 10 & up. Dancers are not required to wear a mask in class, but can chose to do so if they wish.  

  • PLEASE HAVE DANCERS BRING THEIR OWN WATER & WATER BOTTLES!!!!  We have water available behind the desk, but we will not allow dancers to go behind the desk to fill cups.  If you need to fill your water bottle, a staff member will help you.  

  • Drop off is preferred, but if you plan to stay in the lobby during your child class time, please respect distancing measures.  

  • Dancers must be dropped off and picked up within a 10 minute window of their scheduled class time. We agree that the studio is a fun place to play, but we would need to avoid overcrowding.  Younger dancers should not be left unattended in the studio. 

  • We ask that you avoid bringing siblings or friends into the studio, if you have to bring them in with you, please make sure they stay with you at all times and are not left unattended.  

  • Parents will not be allowed in the classroom with the exception of our dancers ages 2 & under until they become acclimated to their teacher and their class. 

  • If you or your dancer aren’t feeling well, have had a fever, or have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid 19, please stay at home and notify us privately.  We will keep any information confidential.  

  • We ask for your help and will do our best to limit interaction between class groups.  If anyone in a class tests positive for Covid 19, we will notify parents and will hold online classes during their class time for the following 2 weeks.  If you are unable to attend online class, we will credit your account for the weeks missed. 




We will conduct class as we always have, with the exception of having dancers distanced in the classroom.  We are committed to continuing to provide a fun learning environment for each student.  We realize the situation is less than ideal, but it is our goal to make each child feel comfortable and excited about their dance experience. 

We ask that if parents need to talk to teachers to discuss anything, please email or text them.   Teachers have limited time before and after class and will be busy sanitizing their spaces and welcoming following groups into the classroom. 

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