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Show 1 - 4:00 - 4:45

Show 2 - 5:45 - 6:15



ST. JOSEPH’S HALLE ( on San Antonio Street)



Show times are listed according to their weekly dance time.  If you have a question about your child’s show time, please let us know!  Friends and family are welcome to attend the performance.  It is a free show to the public and we would love to celebrate the holiday season with everyone by sharing the joy of dance! Families can arrive 30 min before each show time.  We will also allow time after each show for families to take pictures on the stage.  We ask that families in the first show promptly retrieve their dancer’s belongings from the backstage area and exit their seats so the guests for the second show are able to be seated.  



We will be having short 20 min rehearsals for each class the morning of the recital - December 17th.  

This gives the dancers the opportunity to get used to the stage and practice their dances a few times before they perform in the afternoon.  They can also check out the back area where they will be waiting during the performance.  


You will find their songs and weekly class time listed on the left, and their scheduled rehearsal time on the right.  We strongly encourage all dancers to be there for the rehearsal so they are prepared and acclimated before the show!  


Dancers DO NOT have to come in costume to the rehearsal.  They can wear whatever they want, just make sure they have their tap and ballet/Jazz shoes with them.  We ask that families arrive at least 5 minutes prior to their rehearsal time so they are able to put their shoes on and be ready to practice!

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Doors will open for the first show at 3:30 and for the second show at 5:15.  Parents can find a seat in the audience then accompany their dancer to our backstage area where the dancers will be seated with their class during the show.  


Bring plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained while they wait to perform.  Please No colored drinks in the backstage waiting area and no markers.  


We will have helpers sit with dancers and guide them on and off-stage. If you prefer to stay backstage with your dancer you are welcome to - we will have the first row of seats reserved for parents with dancers on stage to watch and take pictures, so you will not miss their dances.  


We will have some reserved seating for the 2-3 year old classes in the back of the audience, however we highly encourage all dancers to stay backstage If they are able to do so.  The reserved seats will only be able to accommodate one parent and their child. A helper will come get the dancers from that group several minutes before they perform and will return them to those seats in between their dances. All other classes will remain backstage for the entirety of the show.


Dancers should come dressed and ready when they arrive for the performance and have their dance shoes with them.  Please put your child’s name either inside or on the bottom of their shoes so they don’t get mixed up or lost!!!  



We have included a list of shoes and hair style each class will wear.  If your child has short hair and cannot wear a bun or pony tail - talk with their teacher and they will be happy to help!  Please make sure you have clean tights with no tears or stains.  If you need to purchase a new pair of tights, We will have them in stock and available at the front desk! 


A few friendly reminders when preparing - 

All students should be well groomed and can wear light make up, brown-natural eye shadows and red lipstick. 

Please remember no panties….that’s why we have our special dance tights! 

Please make sure your child has the correct size of tights for the performance.

No jewelry (other than stud earrings). 

Please make sure each student has correct shoes. 

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