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We offer a wide variety of educational classes for ages 2 & up. 

Our schedule is designed to meet the needs of every dancer, from recreational to competitive. 

Combination Classes

Ballet/Tap/Tumble Combination Class Ages 2 & up - This introductory dance class focuses on the basic dance techniques of ballet, jazz & tap. It is a more technique based class where students learn short dances and play games that enhance cognitive & social development and will prepare them for further dance training.  Combo classes perform in our Christmas Recital as well as our annual spring recital in May.  

Technique Classes

Ballet - In ballet, students will be introduced to basic ballet fundamentals, including body alignment, vocabulary, and basic positions of the feet & arms.  Students will move through barre, center work, & progressions which include basic turns, jumps, & leaps. Each level of ballet is structured to provide more advanced training as the student is ready. 


Acro - Acro is short for Acrobatics and is not the typical tumbling or gymnastics class. Dancers work towards increased flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline and concentration.  Based upon individual technique levels, dancers are taught such skills as handstands, headstands, chest stands, forearm stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, aeriels, handsprings, balance and contortion tricks, and more advanced acrobatic partner, group and performance skills.  Our Acrobatics program is led by a certified Acrobatic Arts instructor who is one of only 50 certified trainers in the entire state of Texas, and the only certified Acrobatic Arts instructor in the greater hill county area.  She also a certified through Alixa, a specialized training program concentrating on dynamic stretching and flexibility for dancers.  


Tap - This class will focus on tap fundamentals including musicality, basic note values, movement, terminology, tap history as well as classical and rhythmic tap steps and combinations. Tap technique classes range from beginner-advanced and we also offer an adult beginner/intermediate tap class.  


Jazz - This class is designed to teach jazz technique, focusing on basic jazz positions, turns, jumps, & leaps. Students will learn center and locomotor progressions as well as proper stretching and conditioning techniques to enhance strength & flexibility. Dancers will also learn combinations set to music incorporating a number of techniques in addition to jazz, including contemporary and lyrical. 

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