Studio Dress Code & Policies 

** Please read our policies regarding Covid 19 **



We are so excited to be dancing with you in the studio again!!  We are grateful to provide training in person again and finding a sense of normalcy after so many uncertain and unusual months.  With that being said,  we have guidelines in place for the next several weeks to ensure we are doing our best to continue safety and comfort for all of our dancers and parents.    We will continue to adjust these guidelines as necessary as we move into our summer season. Please read over the list below and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!  


  • If possible, please drop off and pick up your dancers.  If you plan on staying, please be courteous of others peoples space and maintain distance. If you need to inquire about classes or accounts, you are welcome to - we just need to respect the space of other parents and faculty. 

  • Please do not bring siblings or friends into the studio 

  • Bring plenty of water with you - the water dispenser will only be used if its absolutely necessary.

  • Bring only what you need for class and take your things with you when you leave - dancers can bring small bags into the dance rooms with them 

  • Please talk with your dancer about not gathering in the lobby, and being aware of personal space.  

  • Dancers should not go to the bathroom together.  We encourage them to use sanitizer before and wash their hands after.

  • We have plenty of sanitizer in the studio, but each dancer can bring their own to use between classes as well.  

  • We will continue to clean and sanitize throughout the day, but when possible, please sanitize your area after you leave. We have lysol and Clorox wipes available at the desk. 


We understand that everyone has different thoughts, but let’s do our best to make sure we continue to respect each others concerns and we make the studio a welcoming environment for everyone!  Thank you, Much Love & Happy Dancing!



Studio Policies


Dance Rooms 

*No food or drinks besides water in the dance rooms.  Water is allowed and encouraged, but we ask that a closed container or spill proof water bottle is used.


*Dress code for each class is required.  Dress Code details are listed below.  


*PARENTS WATCH DAY is the first class of each month.  Parents are invited to observe class & take pictures or videos if they would like.  We ask that parents refrain from sitting in class outside of designated times, unless requested by a teacher. 


*We ask that all students show respect and kindness to each other and the teachers, in and out of the dance room.  If there is an issue with class disruption or behavior, we will send an incident report to the parent. 


*Class times include a 5 minute grace period for dancers to change shoes, get water and use the facilities in between classes. 


*Please, NO unattended children in any of the dance rooms at any time.  We have props and equipment in each room that can be dangerous if unsupervised.  



*Please no food in the back of the studio. We welcome food and drinks in the lobby area as long as the space stays clean and trash is disposed of.


*We ask that you please drop-off or pick-up your child within a 10 minute window of their scheduled class time.  If you are planning on the student being in studio outside of that time frame, please discuss it first with the office manager or teacher. We agree that the studio is a fun place to play, but we would like to avoid overcrowding or class disruption when we can.  Please check the lost and found each month for any items you may have left.  We donate all remaining items in lost and found to Goodwill every few months. 


*We ask that all children are attended while in the studio if they are not participating in classes. Please no running or rough-housing though the lobby and restroom area.  




*Tuition is due the 1st class of each month and must be paid regardless of the student's attendance. We do not send out paper invoices, but will send out a monthly email with your account balance.  A $25 late fee will be automatically applied to tuition not received before the 15th of the month. Tuition is non refundable, non transferable between dancers, and not credited due to missed or dropped classes. Missed hours may be made up by taking any other class the studio offers, with the approval of the teacher. If a teacher misses class for any reason, a make up class will be scheduled. Unpaid students will not be permitted to participate in classes, recitals or any other special event. Any coupons or discounts can only be redeemed when tuition is up to date. Returned checks will be charged a $35 NSF fee. 


If tuition goes unpaid for more than 2 months, we will require a credit card on file to be automatically billed monthly for tuition.  


PAYMENTS:  *Cash, Checks, Visa, Master Card, & Discover cards are accepted. For your convenience, we can hold your credit card on file to be auto-payed for monthly tuition and other fees to include costume/competition fees and recital fees.




Additional Costs To Expect 

* Christmas Show: We will order special outfits for all students who are performing in the Christmas Show.  Cost usually ranges between $30-$45.  

* Recital: All students performing in the recital will be required to pay a costume/recital fee. Cost will be $80 and includes costume, 1 pair of tights and accessories.  We do sell tickets to our recital and we encourage you to get them in advance since we sell out each year.  Adult tickets are $8 and Child tickets are $4.  Children  4 & under are free. 

 *Shoes, Tights, & Dance Attire: We will ask that all shoes & tights be alike during any show we perform. We supply both for every age, as well as dance attire.  If you have a question about what shoes will be needed in order to prepare in advance, feel free to ask! And, as we all know - kids grow - so you may need to budget for future shoes and attire. We also offer used shoes at great prices if you can find your size! 



Annual Performances 

*Dancers have 2 main annual performances each year they are encouraged to take part in.  We have a Christmas Show that will take place in December, as well as our Spring Recital that takes place in May.  Both are opportunities for dancers to take the stage and showcase what they have been working on in classes.  We also regularly have the opportunity to perform for community events and nursing homes throughout the year.  Please refer to the important dates for information on main show dates.  We will add community performance opportunities to the calendar as they arise.  Times and details will be given closer to each performance.  


Incident Reports 

*Incident reports are used to notify parents of all dress code and behavior issues that occur inside the classroom or lobby area.  If a parent receives more than 2 reports, we ask that a meeting be scheduled with the teacher/director.  Incident reports are sent to the families by mail.  



*We ask that families try their best to be at each class on time.  Consistency is essential to development and allows the class to progress at the same time.  Attendance is also especially important when preparing for upcoming shows.  We appreciate parents letting us know when students will be absent as well.  If a student falls behind because of absences we will notify the parent and will ask to schedule a meeting. 


Dress Code 

Students not in FULL dress code will be given one warning.  After the first warning, an incident report will be filled out.  SHOES are included in the dress code. 


 We generally have a selection of tap shoes, ballet shoes, leotards and tights in stock.  We also have a large bin of used shoes available to purchase.   (If ordering on your own through Discount Dance Supply, PLEASE use our TEACHER CODE: TP# 33926.  The studio receives perks and allows us to keep our prices down when we make orders from them!)


Combo Classes:  Any color fitted dance attire, tights, pink ballet shoes (black for boys), and tap shoes. Please make sure they are appropriately covered.  Hair should be secured and out of the face. Ballet skirts or dance shorts may be worn over leotard. No t-shirts or skirts that are not dance wear. 


Ballet:  Black leotard, pink tights & pink ballet shoes - hair in a bun.


Technique Classes:  Any color fitted dance attire (leotard, bra top, or tank w/hot pants) & appropriate shoes (Jazz, Tap, Lyrical) - Hair pulled securely out of the face. No baggy shorts or t-shirts. 






 Each month, studio notes & newsletters will be available to keep you informed and up to date on studio events and information. Check our Facebook page (Posts, pictures, tags & check-ins are welcomed as well…we love to see y’all in action!).  We value communication, so please feel free to contact us anytime if you need to for any reason via email or phone. We are also happy to talk in person as long as it does not interfere with class times. 

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