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Studio Policies 

*No food or drinks besides water is permitted in the dance rooms.  Water is allowed and encouraged, but we ask that a closed container or spill proof water bottle is used.  Water is provided however we do not provide cups in an effort to reduce waste. 


*PARENTS WATCH DAY is the first class of each month.  Parents are invited to observe class & take pictures or videos if they would like.  We ask that parents refrain from sitting in class outside of designated times, unless requested by a teacher. 


*We ask that all students show respect and kindness to each other and the teachers, in and out of the dance room.  If there is an issue with class disruption or behavior, we will contact the parent or guardian. 


*Class times include a 5 minute grace period for dancers to change shoes, get water and use the facilities in between classes. 


*Please drop-off or pick-up your child within a 10 minute window of their scheduled class time.

 Please check the lost and found each month for any items you may have left.  We donate all remaining items in lost and found to Goodwill every few months. 


*All children must be attended by a parent while in the studio if they are not participating in classes. Children must also be attended in the outdoor area surrounding the studio.  

Class Changes

If a dancer wishes to drop a class or make changes to their schedule, it must be done officially either online through their parent portal or by submitting an email to the studio. Tuition will still be charged for dancers who do not officially withdrawl from the class as that spot is reserved and cannot be filled by dancers who may be on a wailist.  


Annual Performances 

*Dancers have 2 main annual performances each year they are encouraged to take part in.  We have a Christmas Show that takes place in December, as well as our Spring Recital that takes place in May.  Both are opportunities for dancers to take the stage and showcase what they have been working on in classes.  We also regularly have the opportunity to perform for community events and nursing homes throughout the year.  Please refer to the important dates for information on main show dates.  We will add community performance opportunities to the calendar as they arise.  Times and details will be given closer to each performance.   



We ask that families try their best to be at each class on time.  Consistency is essential to development and allows the class to progress at the same time.  Attendance is also especially important when preparing for upcoming shows.  We appreciate parents letting us know when students will be absent as well.  If a student falls behind because of absences we will notify the parent and will ask to schedule a meeting.  

Dress Code 

Students not in FULL dress code will be given one warning.  After the first warning, students may be asked to watch the class.


 We generally have a selection of tap shoes, ballet shoes, leotards and tights in stock.  We also have a large bin of used shoes available to purchase.   (If ordering on your own through Discount Dance Supply, PLEASE use our TEACHER CODE: TP# 33926.  The studio receives perks and allows us to keep our prices down when we make orders from them!)


Combo Classes:  Any color fitted dance attire, tights, pink ballet shoes (black for boys), and tap shoes. Please make sure they are appropriately covered.  Hair should be secured and out of the face. Ballet skirts or dance shorts may be worn over leotard. 


Ballet:  Black leotard, pink tights & pink ballet shoes - hair in a secure bun.


Technique Classes: Fitted dance attire (leotard, bra top, or tank w/hot pants) & appropriate shoes (Jazz, Tap) - Hair pulled securely out of the face. 






 Each month, studio notes & newsletters will be available to keep you informed and up to date on studio events and information. Check our Facebook page (Posts, pictures, tags & check-ins are welcomed as well…we love to see y’all in action!).  We value communication, so please feel free to contact us anytime if you need to for any reason via email or phone. We are also happy to talk in person as long as it does not interfere with class times. 

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